Friday, February 20, 2009

Video Shoot!

We finished the first of many video shoots this week! It was a very smooth couple of days thanks to the incredible talent and efforts of our production team, designers and our fantastic cast. Thank you to all.

We know that we are not the first theatre company to try to integrate video into a production, and we also know it comes with peril. 'Peril, you say?' Yes I do. All too often the use of video in theatre is poorly integrated and alientates the audience from the real experience of art in the present tense. Theatre is unique because at it's heart it is uncontrolled, unedited, and exposed. Cinema is not the same, and it is not a substitute or a natural partner to stage action.

Our goal with the use of video has been to smoothly integrate it with the live action in such a way that it becomes indispensible. We hope to use it further enlighten the psychological and narrative life of our characters, not to replace theatre, but to add dimension and scope to a living work. Jenny likes to refer to each recorded piece as a 'vista' or a view into an otherwise unseen element of our play. Since our plot is tied to life in a world of media and technology, and how romance and personal development are channeled and restricted by a network of others, we hope to integrate video as a living, breathing, theatrical device that seemlessly helps us tell this story.

This shoot was a big step along the way! The footage looks amazing and I can't wait to cue the first video for opening night and see how all this pans out. No pun intended.


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