Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Joseph All At Once

When I first rehearse a scene I say the words in as many different ways as I can, and, if allowed, I move in as many different directions as I can. You never know when an errant step or an awkward turn of phrase will wind up in the show, or better yet, unearth a part of the character heretofore unknown. Besides, there is usually plenty of time to get it right. The first rehearsal is also my time to cast my net as far as I can with the other actors. I want to get in their faces and let them know I'm here and available to them as a resource. These two techniques work well together, and lead to a fun rehearsal.
Tonight we worked on the first scene of the play after James's monologue. Although it usually seems like there is never enough time in any rehearsal, tonight seemed especially short. We only had about 30 minutes to run the eight page scene, which resulted in running it once, receiving notes, and running it once more. It felt like just a taste. I think it comes from a certain anxiousness to discover everything all at once. I wanted to run the scene over and over again until I had said the words every way, then begin to hone in on what felt best. But patience Joseph. Patience.

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