Thursday, February 26, 2009


After a touch of confusion over our rehearsal location, last night was the first full run of act 1!! We ran through twice, and shaved a whole seven minutes off the second try - good work everyone!  

Here are some pics....


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  1. I've got to say, i tried something new that i don't think i've ever done before directing, and i liked it.

    i tend to be a blocking director. i like to assign blocking at the first rehearsals for each scene, and let the moments develop within those pictures. not having set designs, and wanting to continue the fluid and organic development that i have so much faith in... we have gone until now totally unblocked.

    before the run, i took each actor aside and we looked at the set model and i gave them their blocking for the whole act. mind you, this is a 5 act structure, so act one is only like 25 pages.

    the result was that we were able to run through with blocking, without have to trifle with talking too much about blocking. i really liked doing it that way.

    try it if you have the chance.