Monday, February 23, 2009

Our Tour of Mexican Restaurants

One of my personal favorite "why not" decisions we've made during this process was to hold each weekly production meeting at a different Mexican restaurant in Silver Lake.

Here's a quick sample of what we've seen so far....Enjoy!!

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Week #1: Acapulco (aka the TGIFriday's of Mexican food). This place was a little loud and rediculous. They asked if they could take our picture for their newsletter or something, and sadly we said no, otherwise I'd have that to share.

Week #2: Mexico City ... how can you go wrong with a place like this?! I had a gordita! I thought those were only at Taco Bell! (ps: it was amazing)

Week #3: El Conquistador. This is one of my favorite places in Silver Lake. We were able to take up the entire front room, and even stirred up some publicity as people leaving would stop and look at Logan's beautiful set model seated next to us.

Week #4: (we took this week off due to the video shoot)

Week #5: Tomorrow, we're meeting at Casita del Campo - which I've never been to before, but I have some very high expectations!

Follow along as we visit 5 more fabulous Silver Lake restaurants! Suggestions welcome!!

<3, Michael.


  1. i have gotten a cheese enchillada rancheros every time, and they just keep getting better. casita del campo has a surprising kick.

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