Friday, February 6, 2009

MOVEMENT by Jillian

"all movement is a sign of thirst.
most speaking really says, 'i am hungry to know you.'
every desire of the body is holy." ---hafiz

one motion leads to another.
georgie and joe find their thirst on the dance floor.
leading them to the roof...
then to uninhibited playful plotting,
"we should have sex...where?"

emily's movement is driven by cell phone reception.."call me baby, call me baby..." desperate to hear her love's voice.

james is in full body and heart overload...caused by a kind of dehydration. he must find elise--only she can fulfill him, quench him. he must find her, it's a matter of survival.

danny must for once, get up and out of his head, his judgement, his ego and save two lives: emily and the baby.
The baby's movement takes control. ready or not, the baby is coming.
there is no time for logic.
MOVE motherfucker!!!!!
we played with locations. finding that all of this can take place just about anywhere, and it will...small or large spaces.
nearly all at the same time,
choreographed chaos!!!!!!!!


  1. This is beautiful. It makes me want to get up and dance!!

  2. i like the concept of being moved by the cell phone signal. the magnetism of the human body to the frequency of the transmission. it's totally true, i def do that withough thinking. so much of emily's relationship with jess the whole play is about getting reception!