Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tech Week: 9 Days Left

Our show is in the home stretch. The actors are well prepared, the set is on the make, we've spread the word and invited the fancy guests. Everything is hurtling toward completion with no hope of turning back. For me, tech week is heaven - it's the culmination of months of both careful and reckless planning. This is the week when most of our show's ever desperate budget is spent, it's when characters and action are solidified, decisions and compromises are made, and eventually, an audience is invited to see the result. (see also: 'the show must go on')

In art school they taught us that 'liminality' was the moment when a piece of work actually comes into being, a state between potential and being where the normal limits we put on our own thoughts and actions can be transcended. Theater is a live art, it is shaped for months and months but is only finished at the point of exhibition. In other words, every hour of work is more important than the last. This is especially true this week. Everyone is buzzing, everyone has things to do. I like to be in the thick of it, but in a show like this, there are more qualified people doing all the detail work. It's an incredible feeling to be completely unnecessary on the set of your own show. I feel like Zap Brannigan.

Right now, we're hanging lights and our set is being finished up. Tomorrow, we'll load it into a truck and bring it to the theater. Thursday we get the furniture and props, we'll paint and continue building. Saturday the actors arrive and we block combat on the set and run through the show with doors (very important in a farce). We'll rehearse every night until previews on Thursday (which is also Michael Bulger's birthday, fyi.)

I'm going to try to blog everyday to hype our show and keep our lovers and friends around the world up to date on what will likely be Brimmer Street's best show yet. We hope you can come and love our show. We'll be just finished by the time you get here.

Buy your tickets today: http://www.brimmerstreet.org

Opening night is June 12th, Emerson night (with comedy by the lovely and hilarious Iliza Schlesinger) is June 17th, Gastrobus on Thursdays, parties every night, I will see you there.

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