Friday, May 21, 2010

Leiris/Picasso: 05/21

Every rehearsal feels like a small piece in the puzzle that's only relevant in the context of the full process. Every time I walk into the rehearsal room, everything feels totally new, but the understanding we gained in the last session inform the work we do, and of course it all culminates in this fantastic & fully realized production that we'll have in 2 weeks (!!!).

A few days ago we took the play back to its roots--a sit-down reading. Some of the actors were frustrated but I thought it was a great opportunity to emphasize the distinction of every word, syllable, and punctuation within the lines, and for Dave to give us focused notes on our intentions. Last time we met, we had a member of the BSTC ensemble, Drew DiFonzo Marks, come in to offer some targeted direction, specifically on comedic elements. I really enjoyed having a new perspective from someone less familiar with the text and just lookin' to laugh. So, when we were working with Drew I wasn't focusing on every syllable like I had been-- but that work was going on subconsciously all the while. We'd added that piece, and moved on to place the next element.

The other thing I'll mention here is how great it is to have designers come in to rehearsal. They spend part of the time watching and learning, observing the movement of the play and getting to know the characters in real life, and then some time working on their own and just sharing the energy of the room with us. It feels really good as a performer to get to collaborate even if it's sort of removed. And, as the play's producer I'm stoked to see the investment in the process and have an opportunity to meet with the production staff more often! Thanks to Juliana (set), Sarah (props), and Priscilla (costumes) for stopping in over the last couple weeks!

-jenny byrd

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