Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tech Week: 8 Days Left

Bright and early this morning, I made the trip to CalArts to meet Alan, our Technical Director, and Lizzie, Fran and Thomas, the carpenters who are building our formidable set. We loaded the show's 15 some-odd flats, six door casings, assorted lumber and nonsense into the truck and made the lug back to Los Angeles. It took us most of the day to erect the eight platforms and 15 foot walls that make up the epinimous home of Michel Leiris. The set is coming together, although you can't tell from this photograph.

Tonight, the cast meets at my place for what I've half-jokingly titled a 'drink-through'. Really it's a trap to make them say their lines perfectly and to make sure I'm a part of all their inside jokes. Fred is coming back tonight and we'll have our whole family again. Tomorrow, I bring in the furniture.

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