Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ten Long Years

It has been ten long years since I have have acted in anything longer than fifteen minutes...and man is it a lot of work! I totally forgot! The day after the first rehearsal I was absolutely destroyed - my legs were sore, my throat hurt, I was exhausted. WTF? (To be fair, the first ten minutes of this play are basically spent with me running back and forth across the stage, tripping many times, getting punched in the face and falling down a flight of let's not be too harsh.)

I used to do shows quite a bit! I was involved with a company in Pittsburgh throughout High School and was cast in a couple of their mainstage shows in some really nice theaters. I used to train six days a week from noon to 5pm, then have rehearsals from 6 to 11 - I was a musical theater machine! However, all of that went wayside when I stopped pursuing acting and started pursuing the production side of things (not that the production side doesn't come with its own challenges, mind you).

Anyway, I'm happy to report that after a week of rehearsals, I'm starting to catch my breath. However, last night's rehearsal (while less physically taxing) was a good reminder of what still lies ahead. Despite the incredible amount of work it will require, I cannot wait to begin the truly farcical sequence in this play: the utterly chaotic (and hilarious) play-within-the-play at the top of the second act. We have set the stage for some great magic and some incredible comedy. Let us make the soup!!

PS: Here are some photos from shows I did ten years ago!

"Annie" at the Byham Theater in Pittsburgh (1999 maybe?)

"Man of La Mancha" (2000??) (I don't remember what theater....)
(note the bandage on my foot! I broke my toe mid-performance and wrapped it up in some cloth to get through! What a fucking trooper!)


  1. I can't wit to see you, Michael. And, I think that was a theater in Oakland.

  2. I'm with you in so many ways as a performer RETURNING to the stage... the first few rehearsals I was like hey man i can get back into this easy!! And then a couple nights ago I really hit my stride... and now my legs and throat are killing me! this is why people spend so much time and money studying theatre in a conservatory university AND THEN continue to continue study endlessly forever with coaches around town. thanks for this great post, mikeyyyyyyyyyy!

  3. Mikee, I SO know the feeling! It really is tough when you haven't performed in a while then get thrown into something that's incredibly physical. Hell, I can't even tell you how many times I was sure I was going to die while putting up "The Producers" a week. ;) despite the physical challenges you've been put up against, I have no doubt that you will be absolutely always. I just wish I could be there to witness it. All my love!

    Oh, and nice pics. ;) haha