Thursday, April 15, 2010

Leiris/Picasso: 04/14

this is tyler jenich blogging.

we had a great rehearsal tonight. this was our first crack at the script on our feet and I must say it is a relief! months and months of reading this play glued to a chair is enough to make anyone pull their hair out, so yes it was satisfying on many levels to get up and move with the words. and all that reading showed. it was as if we've been dogs on a leash, pulling and pulling forward, and now the leash is magically gone and we can run wild. and it was very wild. rehearsals to come will surely emphasize focus, clarity, and diction, no doubt. a very strong start to the production process, indeed.
Joseph found some funny. Dan really sank into some moments. Jenny tried a few things. so did I. Michael was pretty much all over the place, getting the job done proper. if there was an audience there, they would have been rolling in the aisles.
we set a really good pace tonight.
my new favorite line of the play: Eine kleine moment please!
i will now annoy the entire cast and crew, especially Michael, by saying that line over and over again, intermittently and in non sequitur fashion.
jenich out.

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