Monday, March 30, 2009

Live Blog: Tech Week

Mon 9:28 AM: We are officially loading in. Jenny and I bought groceries for the week, packed our day bags and moved into the theater last night after rehearsal. We slept on the futon in the space, and will probably do that a] couple times throughout the week, to save time we would otherwise spend sleeping soundly and washing ourselves. Vive la teatre!

Mon 10:21 AM: It was raining, and now it's not. We are ready for the real storm to hit.

Tues 9:06 PM: I don't know why I ever thought I'd have time to blog during tech week. We've been working furiously for 48 hrs and we have miles left to go. Our floor is done, the screens are hung, we're in the middle of our light hang and trying to sort out the hundreds of media files that go into this show and it is slow going. I am extremely confident that when this show is ready it will be an amazing sight to behold. The question is whether we can solve all these challenges in time to open!

Thu 11:10 AM: I didn't have a chance to blog anything yesterday. We all worked until extremely late trying to hang and focus projectors (our show started with seven, we've managed to cut it down to five) and to let the actors have a little time on set to get used to all the new things they're doing. Two straight 20 hour days in a row, and we've got two more to go! I won't say it'll take a miracle, because I don't believe in miracles.

Fri 10:36 AM: We ran the show last night and it wasn't a complete trainwreck! The end is certainly in sight. We have a preview tonight, which will be our first real run of the show with the whole cast. I am going to work to finish up the last few items - adding light cues, finalizing some video sequences, and moving everything upstairs so an audience an come and actually watch this thing. We are nearly done the hardest part, and suddenly it all seems worth it.

Sat 5:05 AM: The sun is rising in Los Angeles and I'm wondering why I put myself and everyone I love through ordeals like this one. For me, it feels like a compulsion, an escape, but it isn't always healthy. The effort and self-sacrifice to create on this scale, from scratch and with limited resources, is immense, all for a mere 16 show run in a 30 seat theatre. But now that the end is in sight, now that we have ironed out the biggest wrinkles on our canvas and filled it with brilliant color and meaning, its obvious to me why we set out each year to make a play like this one, Its because art is an act of love, love for oneself, for beauty, and for the world. I think that loving makes a difference, and that we filled this play so full of it that anyone who gives us their trust and two hours time will leave feeling good and loving <3.

Now I'm going to sleep.

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