Thursday, March 12, 2009


A dear friend once told me "why do a play when you can do a musical?!" ... and I totally agree!  Music can convey human emotion far better than words alone.  What might be a breif moment in a scene can be elaborated into an entire two minute dance break.  And hell, musical numbers are fun!

If you've watched our video trailer then you're probably familiar with the incredibly addictive tunes of Freddy & Francine ... BST's new favorite band (IMHO).  (If you haven't watched our video trailer then go watch it already!! 

Well, we're honored to have had Freddy & Francine themselves come into a rehearsal to teach everyone their  song "HOLD ME" which will make an appearance in <3.>



  1. I need a real phone pictures suck.

  2. am i the one who said "why do a play if you can do a musical" ? it totally sounds like something i would say!