Wednesday, January 28, 2009

First Rehearsal, from Drew

hello internet
so here is my first blog ever.
today was the "1st" day of rehearsal, and we started with a very logical start: the start.
the play starts with my opening (and only) monologue. scary scary shit.
after getting it as much off book as it was going to be, we played around with it; did it from different angles, made the other ensemble do it as an orchestra conducted by me, stuff that helps get it in deep. im not ready yet, i havent done the table work yet. as an actor i need to talk ALOT about things, figure things out, experiemtn, fail, try again and again and again....however the term "discover" sounds so theatre faggy that i want to go out of my way to not use that term. we did no discovering.

im excited. great first day. god its good to be back.


  1. I hate discovery as well. I prefer to 'conquer' and 'colonize' the text, myself. I practice a literary manifest destiny.

  2. we colonized the shit out of that mono